Here’s my Synthpop Christmas Spotify Playlist!

Merry Christmas!

Industrial-meets-dubstep from the original masters. Don’t worry, it’s still most defintely FLA!

The new single from Vile Electrodes (currently on tour supporting OMD) - this is magnificent!

Here’s hoping Norway do well in tonight’s Eurovision, a cracking tune!

This took me by surprise (in that I wasn’t expecting it). No surprise that it is ENTHRALLING!

A range of Favorites In Selected Electronica Sub-Genres, spliced together with brutish determination and saving grace.

Contains 10 million volts in the form of: electro-industrial, psytrance, industrial metal, hauntronica goth, hybrid krautrock, Neuromancer dub, soundtrack, glitch and a whole load more.

This is a live snapshot of 42 reference points (possible variable content nodes, one potential anomaly identified).

Use Wisely.

Route 67?

Already some stupendous synthpop releases this year: this ongoing playlist will keep you right!